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She’s From The Future?

Filed under : Webcams

I think it’s absolutely fantastic how the live cam industry have re-engineered their operating model. It is a massive change from the total fail of a decade and a bit ago when it first hit the scene and everyone and their dog was overcome with greed and tried to milk it for all it’s worth, resulting in its demise.

These days it is more than just affordable to the consumer and you actually get to see what you can expect for your money but most of the stuff is for free by default. It is up to you to be a decent person and tip performers in their shows while they provide the incentive for you to do so.

Beyond that, it is now actually lucrative for amateur performers to take this up as a hobby or even a profession and with that of course comes loads of interesting performances and this girl is one of them.

She’s painted herself gold and seems to be attending someone’s 300th birthday part. Fucked if I know exactly what is going on here other than this hot blonde cam girl Aalliss is great!

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