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She’s From The Future?

I think it’s absolutely fantastic how the live cam industry have re-engineered their operating model. It is a massive change from the total fail of a decade and a bit ago when it first hit the scene and everyone and their dog was overcome with greed and tried to milk it for all it’s worth, […]

She’s My Favourite Flavour

She goes by the name of Cherrycrush. At least that’s the name she picked for herself and her live cam channel which coincidentally is my favourite flavour Slurpy. While Slurpies are freezing cold she definitely isn’t though, in fact she’s pretty damn hot and so is her performances. While I’m really very chuffed that the […]

Sexcam Recordings for You!

Here’s the all natural chunky beauty Alex Chance who is one of many honeys who got fucked live on sexcam. The unedited stuff is so hot. There’s just something about it being more authentic, perhaps more accurately the fact that it’s less fake from an acting or scripted point of view that makes it so […]

Girls Keen to be Instructed

Do you realise that the majority of the sex cam performers are actually keen to be instructed? What people seem to forget or not readily realise, for reasons that baffle me, is that the performers of live chat cams and sex cam sites are exhibitionists. You really have to be to be able to do […]

For Most Cam Girls It’s More Than Just a Job

I can sometimes be turned off by the notion that a pornstar isn’t really into and just going through the motions. I won’t say that I spot it often or rather that it happens all that often but you might be surprised to know just how much of it is acting, particularly the vocal bits […]

Hot Sluts Getting Rabbit-Fucked!

Videobox claims to add 5 new DVD’s every day. I can’t even verify that for you because when I enter the site, every thought of counting stuff flies out of my head. What I can tell you is that I can’t keep up with the new stuff and I will never even scratch the surface […]

A Plethora of Hardcore Porn

You’ve arrived at your final destination, kick back and relax, you’re arduous journey is finally over. What am I on about? The Porn Discount Club throws together a spread of deals from the best of the best in a one-stop listing to save you the hassle of trying to browse in a never ending dark […]