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Why are Sex dating sites so Few and Far Between?

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Don’t get me wrong, sex dating sites are everywhere. If your definition of a sex date is with somebody with a great set of tits and a beautiful, angelic face, they’re everywhere. That’s the good news. The bad news is hot women are few and far between. Now, you might be thinking that this is some sort of weird high school philosophy trick question. How can I contradict myself with two seemingly similar sentences?


Well, let’s look at the definition. If you’ll look at the word “hot,” it’s too easy to define it in purely physical terms. If you’re like the typical horny dude, I don’t blame you for defining it in purely physical terms. Basically, you’re just looking at how a girl’s face look like, how her physique stacks up, and other physical elements. The problem is what makes a person hot actually goes beyond the physical. It actually goes beyond what you can see. It’s all about personality. It’s all about interaction and the kind of electricity that you generate when you’re around that person.


This is why the vast majority of women that you meet in your life are completely and totally forgettable. That’s right, it doesn’t really matter whether they’re hot blondes with amazing green eyes. It doesn’t really matter whether they’re these hot Swedish chicks or exotic babes from Thailand and the Philippines. None of that matters. Why? Ultimately, physicality doesn’t matter. What matters is memory.


That’s right, memories matter more than appearances. You remember somebody who has a dynamic personality. You remember somebody who has such an amazing interaction with you that you can’t wait to talk to them again. This should be your definition of sex dating sites. Otherwise, it’s too easy to for you to waste a lot of your hard-earned dollars simply chasing after good-looking people. Good-looking people are dime a dozen. They are totally forgettable. In fact, they are easily replaceable. If you’ve seen one hot chick, you’ve seen them all.


However, that chick that can talk to you and interact with you in such a way that you feel truly alive, she is very rare. So, be on the lookout for that type of person. It’s all about interaction. If you’re able to change your game plan this way, you’ll really take your game to the next level.

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