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The Appeal of Curvy Older Women

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My brother has started dating a woman 10 years older than him and several pounds heavier. He seems crazy about her. His last couple of girlfriends were young and fit, so it was a total 180. He seems a lot happier in this relationship though. The woman is really nice and everything, but I have given him some shit about it in private. Nothing too mean, just some rather crass teasing.

He swears that I have been missing out by not dating thicker women. He went into some detail about her curves, especially her voluptuous tits and ass. I pretended to not be affected by his words, but truth is, I was intrigued.

I’ve been logging in to see more hot camsex models who are like his girlfriend. I have actually been seeking out the chubby MILFs. I hate to say it, but I think my little brother might be right. I have been missing out. The BBW cam models I have seen so far have all been great. They may not give me the same sort of immediate visual attraction that the fit girls do, but they excel at delivering the action.

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