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Play These Wicked Virtual Reality Sex Games

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In all honesty I was a little lost so to speak when I got my virtual reality kit a few weeks ago. I thought besides watching movies on it what’s the real point of it? I almost packed it away before I decided to give it another try. I went and searched for “VR Porn” and wow…. I was gob smacked by the awesome amount of action that I found and it gave me a real sense to purpose to really enjoy my VR headset.

Besides watching xxx rated porn movies you can use that vr headset to play Virtual Reality Porn Games, that’s right guys there’s actually sex games that you can play using your virtual reality headset. I’ve played a couple so far and wow, if I’d know it would be this awesome I would have done it sooner. I can’t believe something like this could provide so much entertainment and the best thing is VR technology is still new so there’s going to be loads of awesome things coming and it’s only going to get better watching porn like this!

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