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My Favorite Girl To Spend The Evening With

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I’ve always been in a committed long term relationship. I dated the same girl through high school and part of college. Then I had a couple more that lasted a few years each. I decided last year that I was going to take some time to myself. I’d never been single for long and I wanted to experience life like that before I ended up married. At first I did the casual dating thing, but caught myself falling back into relationship ways. So I decided a fuck buddy was ok but no more dates at all.

That’s when a friend told me to check out live sex with JennParker. I’d never watched a webcam before and I was completely fascinated. It helped that she was so ridiculously gorgeous. I liked the fact that I could actually chat with her. It was personal, but there wasn’t any risk of me ending up married to her. I have watched others since then, but I always go back to her. She’s my favorite girl to spend my evenings with.

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