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Three Common Myths about Live Girls on Webcam

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If you have come across women who are part of the girls on webcam business on the internet, you probably have all sorts of misconceptions regarding these women. You probably already judged them without being aware of it. You have to understand that there are all sorts of misconceptions about women who take off their clothes or engage in certain sexual acts in front of a webcam. It’s too easy to dismiss these people. It’s too easy to just kind of compartmentalize them in our minds.

This really is too bad because you’re still dealing with human beings. Human beings who have emotions like you. Human beings who bleed like you and human beings who have hopes and aspirations like yourself. Here are just the three common myths about these types of women so you don’t fall into this trap. This way, you can approach them as human beings and possibly become friends with them, not necessarily for sex but just to be friends on a personal level.

Myth #1: They’re all drug addicts. There’s this myth that just because you see this thin chick on a webcam that she’s doing this humiliating act to feed her habit. Absolutely not true. In fact, according to a recent study, the vast majority of women on webcams don’t have substance addiction problems.

Myth #2: These women are crazy. There’s a common misconception that just because she show up naked in front of a webcam that you are absolutely crazy. No. In many cases, you either just need the money or you’re looking for adventure, which brings up myth #3.

Myth #3: These women are desperate for money. While this may be true for some women, the ones who stick with a particular program for many years aren’t obviously doing it for money primarily. They already made their money because a lot of webcam models make more than $1,000 a night. So, what keeps them going? They’re simply looking for adventure. It’s a form of artistic expression for many of these women.

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