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She’s My Favourite Flavour

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She goes by the name of Cherrycrush. At least that’s the name she picked for herself and her live cam channel which coincidentally is my favourite flavour Slurpy. While Slurpies are freezing cold she definitely isn’t though, in fact she’s pretty damn hot and so is her performances.

While I’m really very chuffed that the live sex cam industry is flourishing and making it possible for amateurs to have the opportunity being involved in the industry too it also means that there are a lot of shitty performers out there. It’s just the nature of equal opportunity in anything.

This girl doesn’t do the hours of pretty much sitting around and waiting for a bunch of tips before doing anything while her body language suggests she’s not all that into it to begin with. her shows are sexy and she gives the impression that she’s really into it.

I must say though that I may have made it sound a lot worse than it is for some performances. i may just have had the odd shitty experience.

Nonetheless, you can you enjoy live sex with cherrycrush, a performer I’d like to recommend.

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