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Girls Keen to be Instructed

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Do you realise that the majority of the sex cam performers are actually keen to be instructed?

What people seem to forget or not readily realise, for reasons that baffle me, is that the performers of live chat cams and sex cam sites are exhibitionists. You really have to be to be able to do that kind of work which means, by nature of their fetish they enjoy attention.

Beyond even that, exhibitionists enjoy flaunting themselves to someone. There is no point to it if nobody notices and they want to be praised and they want to please. They want to do things for you that you would enjoy and therefore welcome requests.

When have you ever been able to engage a complete strange in sexual interaction where you knew in advance that your advances would eb welcome?

Why people even still sit and watch porn movies instead of interacting with the ‘scene’, I don’t know.

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